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1. 616 Insurance agents are

2. 3.7. An agent should disclose the commission if ....

3. 636. If a person is concentrating more on health plan and retirement plan then at which stage of life is he in. ?

4. JN78. Weekly premium option can be taken in which kind of policy?

5. 185. Sahil has taken insurance policy of 1 crore SA. Underwriter will asks for moral hazard report from:

6. KB18. Third party administration is a part of ………..

7. a29. Detailed Investigation will be triggered in case of

8. 3.23 According to Insurance Brokers Association of India, what is the most appropriate relationship between Insurer and Broker?

9. a1. The amount of insurance depends on ....

10. 176. If there is no claim bonus, it will result in:

11. a27. Policy holder has choice for making complaint to

12. r5.17 Which tax rate is applicable, in case of Client pays the premium of 5000/- and suffers illness before maturity?

13. 4.7 The concept of Risk diversification is applicable in which of the following instrument ?

14. KA34. The age of appointee should be more than--------

15. 10a. A human being is......

16. AA2. In which of the following case there is no defined retirement age?

17. 3.42 If a person is absconding then after how many years will he be considered as dead & SA paid to the nominee.

18. 3.31 Amit & Rashmi are newly married. Both are working couple. They want to invest their savings of 100,000 annually to build corpus to make down payment for their house 5 years from now. An adviser sold them a unit link product to meet their requirement. This may result in

19. 630 If a person already suffering from some disease and had not mentioned it in the proposal form then as per IRDA code of conduct the agent should

20. 149. What will happen to the complaint which is made both to Ombudsman and COPA?

21. KB5. Without submitting any documents proposer has received survival benefit. Which plan is this?

22. 22. The huge fund in the hand insurance companies used to develop....................

23. k26. A policy document for a money-back policy includes the statement the proposal and declaration signed by the proposer form the basis of the contract. In which main section of the policy document will this normally appear?

24. 5.4 Anumod received post taxation 5% return on his fixed deposit in a bank. If his net return is 3%, what can be the reason ?

25. K6. Why ACR?

26. 3.26 What is the factor which has influence on persistency?

27. JN85. Smitha has decided to invest Rs. 10000/- every year in ULIP and have decided to invest the same amount in PF in order to get IT exemption in 80C. In this view which of the following is correct?

28. ON16. To ensure the agent has met the needs of the client effectively at the time of the agent’s license, IRDA has drawn up a guideline that proposes …….

29. K10. Sarath is the client and looking or large SA , and the proposal to be certified in the context of confidentiality with relevance to moral hazard, who is the concerned person to do? ..

30. 5.13 Within how many years a complaint can be made through consumer protection act

31. 5.12 What will be the lien amount in 3rd year as compared to the 4th year of lien.

32. 3.21 If the client does not wish to proceed with the recommendations right at the moment the agent should

33. 132. The main function of IRDA’s Grievance Redressal Call Centre is to educate the policyholder’s regarding

34. AA1. Apart from conducting a comprehensive fact-find, the other main action that an insurance agent can take at outset to minimize the risk of subsequently receiving a customer complaint is to......

35. 3.8. Arjun explaining a ULIP plan to a customer and doesn't know to answer of a doubt regarding the product that the customer has. What should he do?

36. KAA. When undertaking financial planning for individuals without capital, what savings need is likely to be addressed in every single case?

37. sr1. Insurance helps...

38. JI23. XYZ Insurance Company has started promoting their insurance products mostly through television and news paper advertisements. Hence, the said company is operating through ...

39. 606 The functions of the Insurance Ombudsman include:

40. 4.6 Mr. Raju has taken Critical Illness Rider. The claim will be paid..........

41. 5.23 If IRDA is unable to discharge its functions or duties, Central Government

42. KB3. Manoj has taken an insurance plans from A company. But he purchased the annuity from B company. Which feature of pension plan reflects here?

43. JI16. Under the IRDA guidelines for Claim settlement, any queries or additional documents can asked from the claimant within ...

44. R633 We can takeLoan from a policy in which there is a feature of ...........

45. 605 Under the prevailing FDI laws for insurance, domestic private companies are allowed to form joint ventures with foreign partners. What percent of stake can a foreign partner hold?